Turn Key Fertilizing Residual Material Project Management
Andana offers turn key services to its customers who need to recycle their organic wastes. This consist mainly of using Fertilizing Residual Materials (FRM) in landfarming in order to provide essential nutriments to growing crops.

Our services includes 
recycling of various FRM :


- Sludge generated by wastewater treatment plant;
- Sludge generated by paper mill plant;
- Insustrial waste from the food transformation industry;
- Contaminated soils;

- Biomethanisation digestate (anaerobic digestate);

        - Sludge generated by septic system.

Site remediation such as quarries and mine sites


Free fertilizers for the agricultural producer

FRM addition in biomethanisation process
Green house gas reduction compilation linked with FRM
Organic waste management Feasability Studies (including research)


Le recyclage est souvent l'option la plus économique et la plus écologique




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