Agricultural recycling or valorization consist mainly of using Fertilizing Residual Materials (FRM) in landfarming in order to provide essential nutriments to growing crops. FRM consist mainly of sludge generated by waste water treatment from municipalities or industrial processes.

Andana offers turn key services to its customers including logistics, gathering of all the legal autorization and transportation of the material.

The company ensures to its customers that sustainable development principles will be applied througout the entire process.

Landfarming recycling of the Fertilizing Residual Material is generally the most economical way to dispose of biosolids and at the same time, the most eco-friendly way, and therefore the most benificial option for the entire community. The farm producers will benifit from the nutriments contained in the material that will significantly reduce their fertilizing cost and from the agronomical follow up that surrounds the services.

Le recyclage est souvent l'option la plus économique et la plus écologique




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